Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doing It For the Children

"But you are supposed to be doing it for the children."

This is a common excuse/argument every time teachers attempt to stand up for, or improve their rights and/or contract.

Just to clarify the truth, I don't teach for the children.  I teach because I like children, love their enthusiasm, the difficulties they present, their joy in learning, their mistakes, educating them, the smiles on their faces when you do something that the media doesn't think you do, be it buying them lunch, or contributing to their breakfast programs, donating clothing, or coaching a team.

I teach because I am good at it.  Have been told that I am.

But I don't teach for the children.

After all, they are not my kids.

How many plumbers would give a discount "because they are doing it for the toilets?"  How many doctors won't bill a patient and/or OHIP "because they are doing it for their patients?"  How many TTC drivers allow members to get away without paying "because they are doing it for their riders?"

I don't teach for the children.

I work, just like every other person, in order to support my family, or myself.  To give me a quality of life that will allow me (hopefully) on my death bed, to look back and say:  "you really enjoyed that life."

But for some reason, the media and/or the public like to put the moral imperative on teachers, while not following it themselves.  Take a look back on my article on Volunteerism.    Remember, MOST members of society do not volunteer.

But teachers are expected to.

Because they are "doing it for the children."

They are also expected to sit back and not "whine" over BILL 115, which imposes a contract on them.


Because they are "doing it for the children."

Sorry, but it is not our responsibility to give back (unless everyone else does as well) in order to support the reckless spending habits ($189 to install a pencil sharpener), poor leadership (hiring Chris Spence), and ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN.

We have invested 15 years (5 Years University and 10 Years Teaching) to earn the benefits that we have.

If you are jealous, then you should have become a teacher.  

If you are not happy in your job, that is your fault.

If you had a bad teacher, then you know how I felt when I had a bad plumber or contractor.

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