Thursday, January 10, 2013

Extended Absence

Hello again!

The reason this blogger went so long without posting is that he felt he had rebutted all of the anti-teacher arguments.  He is an expert in math, and research, and conclusively proved that teachers do earn an excellent living, and should.

I also had presented all of the information that I could wherein I had expertise, or access to such facts.

However, the real reason I stopped writing is because I also realized that people have their opinions and maintain them, even when presented with the truth.  If you take a look at some of the comments, people latched onto 1 point, and used it as their rallying cry.  And in doing so, they totally overlooked all of the other facts.  Like the O.J. Simpson jury.

Sure, the gloves didn't fit, but his car, DNA, fingerprints, hair, gloves, blood,  shoes, and cap all were in some way connected to the scene and both victims.

But he couldn't have been the killer because those gloves didn't fit....

It is because people latch onto their personal opinions, and refuse to give them up, that our civilization went so long believing the Earth was flat, or that minorities were inferior, or that women couldn't lead.

People don't make decisions based on facts, they base them on personal experiences.

My uncle once told me that all teachers are terrible.  When I asked why, he said that his son had a terrible time with a teacher in grade 8.

Personal opinion.

And so our struggle as teachers continue.  Bill 115 exists.  The public still is mislead by news agencies,  and we are disrespected.

I really don't have anything else to say.

Perhaps you do?

Comment, give me some arguments or ideas, and then perhaps, if time allows, I will investigate them for you.

If not, I end by saying that, contrary to your opinion, I am not a teacher.  At least not anymore.


  1. I am a teacher, and I work for every penny the I get. In previous years I've spent thousands of dollars setting up my class. Not anymore. I'd rather save it for my daughter's education. Maybe use it to pay for the many after school programs I'll be putting her in, whether there are extracurriculars or not. For the most part I feel the teacher bashIng is coming from lazy self-serving pseudo parents. I can't call them parents, because these people expect everybody else to care for their brats. Even worse, when the bad behavior starts these people spend even less time with their offspring, and can't understand why somebody might not feel like VOLUNTEERING to take them off their hands for awhile. WTF?!? If I had a rude self-absorbed kid that you VOLUNTEERED to take every week for an hour, and you told me you couldn't VOLUNTEER to do it anymore, I would say THANK YOU. I certainly wouldn't turn around and all you LAZY, or OVERPAID! The behavior of the public is to be expected. We teach their children every day. Though most students are wonderful, more and more of them show this behavior. It's amazing in those parent-teacher interviews when you see how connected these things are.

  2. Most parents are great, it's just that 1% that make more noise. Maybe because the rest of us are too busy looking after our kids (and theirs).