Monday, September 17, 2012

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Stay tuned as future blogs will tackle educational policy that is negatively impacting children, class sizes, and teacher salaries.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to create, update and promote this blog! I enjoy the factual basis of the material ~ Very refreshing!
    I would like to ask that you take a moment to remind your readers, followers and public that the Bill 115 is not about the government vs teachers. It affects every educational worker in the province; custodian, secreatary, supply teacher, education assistant, early childhood educator etc. For many of these men and women the reality is that they are below the norm of the "average teacher salary". They are paid hourly, are often forced into layoff over the summer and like their teacher colleagues have spent many years in post secondary schooling to do the jobs that are truly the backbone of the education system.

  2. In addition to the above comments, let's also look at the fact that once the government has set a precedent for taking away or reducing rights, wages, and benefits, from one group of workers (in this case, teachers) than their next step will be to progress to the next set of workers. Why not cut costs across the province? If teachers do not oppose this, another group of 'government employees' will be next. (Note. Teachers aren't actually employed by the government. Teachers are employed by school boards. That's been overlooked a bit in the news, too.) Whose contracts are up next? Police officers? Nurses? Doctors? MNR employees?

    If Ontario citizens do not stop the government from lowering some employee's rights, they will have set a precedent to take away benefits from any others they choose. I used to tell my kids I was proud to live in Ontario, as we cared about the people in our province. Who knows where this will end?

  3. Um,this is embarrassing, but I can't see how to follow your blog. Maybe others are in the same boat. I've added you to my RSS feed, but I'd like to "follow" you officially to help you move up in Google searches etc. How do I do that?

  4. Looking at using legislation to effectively break previous contracts and it's implications for invalidating any contract at any time might be a venue to pursue. Effectively it means any employer can change the terms of your contract at any time and require you to give back benefits already earned. In effect it is retroactively breaking contracts!