Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keeping Up: Future Blogs

When I decided to write this blog, my wife argued about its format.  I informed her that I would be writing arguments that build on one another, all leading to a certain end, while she wanted me to just write one blog with ALL the arguments.

We went with my idea.

To this point, I have been humbled by the amount of responses, both positively and negatively. While I knew that this was a "hot-button" issue, I had no idea that this blog would be a place where it was discussed.

However, I urge individuals to save their "opinions" until my argument is completed.  Please wait until all the information has been outlined so that an informed decision can be made.

That doesn't mean that I am urging you not to comment, especially when one of my posts hits a nerve, but I am hopeful you can remain open-minded.

I would encourage you to read all my blogs, not just the ones that help support your own argument.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the O.J. Simpson trial recall that the "jury" clung to the idea that the "glove doesn't fit," and resultantly, overlooked the mountain of evidence that pointed towards Simpson's guilt.

Why?   Because the jury was looking for any excuse to support their preconceived notions.

As teachers, we can only convince those who are willing to listen.

So please read all my blogs as a collective argument that the media is not providing the real facts.  That was those who are not in education rarely hear the truth.

Just so you know, I have enlisted a medical researcher at the University of Toronto who will be writing an article comparing teacher salaries to similar professions and busting the myth that teachers should be "giving back" because of a "recession."

This person is a friend, but was asked to write an article that is free of bias.  It just so happens that their conclusion supports teachers.  In fact, this person's belief system was completely changed due to their research.

I also will be posting information for parents, such as educational policy that negatively impacts children, "mark" fixing, credit farms, the I.E.P. process, and much more.

Thanks again.

Tell your friends.  Argue.  Join the site.  Follow me.


  1. I came across your site the other day when someone recommended it to me. I am an Ontario teacher and I am very impressed about the way you outline your arguments. Your thoughs and insights reflect my own almost to a tee.
    Keep up the great work and hopefully more teachers and non-teachers alike will visit your site and contribute to informed, respectful discussions.

  2. Thank you for taking the time from this busy world we all live and work in, to outline this issues for all parties invovled. I have passed on your blogspot to my union district prez and he has passed it on to the members he serves.

    Keep up the great work.